Master Your Mindset
                                                                                           Practical Steps, Coaching and Inspiration 
                                                                                            Without Even Having to Leave the Couch...
How would you like to have practical steps combined with the coaching and inspiration you need to Master Your Mindset? A mastered mindset will...
Earn more money
Create thriving relationships
Achieve your perfect weight
Start a wildly successful business
Be a positive example for your children
Live a more fulfilling and productive life

AND better still, you can do it all...
In the comfort of your own home
Delivered to your door (and accessible online)
With weekly coaching to keep you on track
Think of it as...
A personal trainer for your mind.

A friendly fairy god mother sitting on your shoulder.

Nutrition for your soul.
 Imagine Feeling... 
 From Scattered to Focused
 From Doubt to Certainty
 From Suppressing to Expressing
  From Lacking Focus to Absolute Clarity
   From Frustrated to Calm
   From Procrastination to Motivation
   From Lacking Energy to Feeling Vital
You don't have to imagine anymore.
You can join The School of Thought TODAY and start living the life you want with a cherry on top!

Month 1

Mindset Reset
7 Pillars to a Positive Mindset. This is a powerful program where you'll uncover the keys to a winning mindset!
In this practical guide you will learn how to reset your mindset for success in any area.

Month 2

The ART of Positive Thinking
Your Mindset is the Key to Achieving your Goals. 
Every thought you have impacts your life. Learn how to pivot on your negative thoughts and change the course of your life. 

Month 3

Emotional Intelligence
Your emotions are your guidance system to your life. Instead of suppressing or ignoring them, learn practical steps to listen, to take action and to express. Move from frustrated to calm, from suppressing to expressing!

Month 4

Lighten Up
Get your hands on the secret to lasting weight loss. The image you hold of yourself will determine the outcome of your body. This Guide will give you the key to changing your body for the long run. 
.... and so many more!
The School of Thought
Per Month
  • Monthly Workbook - Delivered To Your Door
  • Success Start Up Kit
  • Complete 100+ Library - Meditations, Inspirations and Motivations
  • Weekly Live Lessons with Alisa Pettit
  • Monthly Q&A with Industry Experts
Workbooks delivered to your door PLUS all the information available online as well...
Your Daily Dose of Success!
This program is special... it's simple and effective.

Every month you'll receive a workbook delivered to your door with thought provoking and easy actionable lessons ranging from the laws of the universe, money, health, relationships, leaderships, positive thinking, and so much more.

You will be genuinely excited to check your mail every month. 

All you need is 15 minutes a day to experience benefits.. adding hours to your week and clarity to your life!
Plus... Join Alisa each week in Coaching Hours!
You'll have access to our weekly members-only "Coaching Hours" where you have access for 2 hours every week to Alisa and her team of mindset experts to take you through WORKSHOPS based on the books and to answer any questions you may have.
Imagine having access to Alisa and her team LIVE for more than 8 hours every month of advice, support, and HOT tips...there truly is nothing holding you back from becoming emotionally intelligent and being the leader of your life!
Plus... Learn from experts in The School of Thoughts monthly webinars!
You'll also be invited to Alisa's LIVE webinars every month where she shares conversation with other experts to give you their proven, evidence based tips to use in your life, relationships, career... anywhere... straight away.
Why use The School of Thought to Help You?
Our School Makes Learning Easy.
Our Lessons Are Easily Actionable.
Our Students Get Results.
                                 Why take our word for it? Hear from our members!
“I love helping people but this became my downfall. I was always helping other people to fulfill their dreams and never working on my own. After joining The School of Thought I was able to get clear on what I wanted and start to work on my goals. The workbooks are such a delight. I look forward to the post every month for my new dose of success! Alisa keeps us on track. She understands where our challenges lies and instils the tools to our own motivation and inspiration. I still help people, but I work on my goals first!
Kylie, Marketing Manager, 26
"I came across The School of Thought at a point in my life where I was at so many crossroads. Nothing seemed to be right or working for me. From the moment your course began everything just resonated with me! Throughout the first course I just kept saying “thank you” and being grateful to whatever has led me to you. I am so excited about the next program! THANK YOU!!
I am now clear about where I am headed, I work on myself everyday and I have never felt so calm and in control. I have achieved my first big life goal and working towards my second! THANK YOU!!"
Kim, Student, 49
“I am a busy mom with NO TIME for myself. I knew that my mindset was suffering as I would often get frustrated with the kids and my fuse was short. I came across The School of Thought and they have helped me to start to work on myself to be me, but better! 
I now take on their theory of The Oxygen mask where I make sure that my energy is being taken care of so that I have the energy to give to my children. The School of Life helped me to understand that if I want my children to live an inspired life, I must be an inspiration myself. I am now sharing these lessons with my kids and helping them to get a positive perspective on life. I can't wait for the next module! Yay! Thank you!"
Emma, Stay at Home Mum, 44
"I am a confident go-getter who appeared to be successful on the outside. Inside I was dying and felt so alone. I was not in a great relationship and I was so uncertain if the job I was in was it for life. It was hard for me to talk about, so I researched on my own, at home. I needed answers as to why I was feeling so uncertain and low. The School of Thought gave me the privacy to work on myself at home with a support system if I needed it. I don't think they will ever know how much they helped me. I followed their recipe for success and set a goal to find the most wonderful man. I am proud to say that 2 months ago I married my soul mate. You helped me implement the tools that I guess I was doing in some areas of my life, but I was oblivious to how to apply it to other parts of my life. I am now working on turning my passion into profit and I couldn't be happier. Thank You so much!"
Olivia, Finance Manager, 34
"I discovered the secret recipe to success... it is more than just being focused. It is having clarity on what you want, an understanding of our emotional guidance system and the belief that you will succeed."
Alisa Illich
Founder of INSITE MIND
There's no catch...

I know there are some programs out there that offer you something cool for free, but then charge you crazy prices to stay and often even lock you in to a contract-like, yearly membership. 

This isn't one of them. 

If you choose to stay around after your 14-day $1 trial, you'll be charged just $49 a month ongoing...AND you can leave at any time...just let me know and you won't be charged another cent.

So, just a final recap of what's you have access to when you join me inside the School for your Free Trial... 

The School of Thought - The first workbook delivered to your door and access the first modules inside the on-line portal with worksheets, step-by-step actions and checklist to get you going FAST... new books will then be shipped every month you're a member to take the exact steps to build the successful life you are looking for. 

Weekly Coaching Hours - to have your questions answered each week LIVE by me

Circle of Influence - did you know you are the average of the 5 people you hang around? This is your circle of influence! We have created a positive posse of people who inspire and motivate others. Join our exclusive group and surround yourself with positive people! 

Monthly Webinarto help you get you the latest and greatest, hear from experts and create the optimal emotional balance you have been looking for! We help make your life simple, with everything you need to know in one accessible spot.